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Merman Triptych


What I do

Mixed Media Painting

Color and texture call to me—thus my interest in abstract and realistic abstract wall paintings. I am always exploring new ways to include texture with color often using my sculpting skills and interesting found objects. My goal when painting is to create a piece of art that will provide many things for the eyes to investigate up close while showing as a delightful focus point in your room.

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Horses have been a love of mine since childhood and I began sculpting them in detail in the early 2000’s. Sculpting in Plastelina, a none hardening clay, my intent is to capture the horse at work or the essence of the horse interacting with people. The plastelina is cast into a resin copy and further detailing is done prior to the final mold being made for the Resin, Bronze or China castings.

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Resins Gallery

I've gathered together some photos of my resin sculptures, examples shown unpainted and painted. Enjoy!

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"Please see above for some resins sculpted by me. Contact me for further information regarding these models." –Lisa Sharpe - Artist

"Some of these are still available For Sale." –Lisa Sharpe - Artist

"Examples are shown in painted and unpainted condition." –Lisa Sharpe - Artist